I like to play with a portion of coincidence from the moment. Movement is an element of creation. And I believe that even that is in motion and may just come to a standstill.

My works may be in no way bound by any rules. Discovering and shifting the boundaries, developing and trying are things I'm interested in.


The result are often striking, colorful and intensely powerful works.


But further, there is no big story here that i want to describe, what you notice, that's it. Life and Love in it's purest form is the basis in everything. That means that I most prefer to keep silent about it in words. And that I leave it to you how big, intense, clear or even incomprehensible effect my creations will have on you. Enjoy.

After the Abitur I quickly ended up at the art academy in Germany. Here I went on an evening of action painting to make works which fulfilled me from the first second. Strength, color, shape, contradiction, unpredictability and yet in control, let yourself be surprised by the impulses that only and only at a certain moment arise in you.

I continued my studies in Communication and Design in the Netherlands in 2003, which gave me experience but did not bring the necessary creative satisfaction. After a few years in the communication world, I returned to art.



Julia Neska is a pseudonym that i use for my creations. It is a personal search on who I am and who I want to become as an artist. Based in the Netherlands. 

ART is like LOVE. it must always be free

 *JuliA Macyk 


De beweging is een element van het creëren. En ik geloof dat zelfs dat in beweging is en zomaar ook tot stilstand mag komen.


Mijn werken zijn aan geen enkele manier gebonden aan regels. 

Er is hier geen groot verhaal dat ik wil beschrijven, wat je opmerkt, dat is het. Leven en Liefde in zijn puurste vorm is de basis van alles. Dat betekend dat ik er liever in woorden over zwijg. En het veel liever aan jou overlaat hoe groot, intens, duidelijk of misschien zelfs onbegrijpelijk effect mijn creaties op jou zullen hebben. Geniet. 

Agata Black is een pseudoniem dat ik gebruik voor mijn creaties. gevestigd in Nederland.